Welcome to the Reckless

Ádh'ri Eránis, also known as the Starship Reckless, is dedicated to writing and discussing science, science fiction, fantasy and the shared borders between them. Its founder is Athena Andreadis, author of The Biology of Star Trek, a molecular biologist who also writes stories and essays.

Group members who are writers are welcome to post essays or story chapters and archive their stories (or excerpts). Brief guidelines are in the Files section (the Site Rules file). Members who are artists are equally welcome to create galleries for their art. Our goal is to enjoy ourselves with good writing and the exchange of ideas that it provokes.


"I saw... an enormous moon over a barren landscape. Bits of it fell, fell like bright flakes. Where they hit, the ground smoked, then turned to ash. In its light I could make out a large cat limping ahead of its long shadow, stars shining right through the pelt. I ran to catch up, but it disappeared over a rise. When I reached the rise, all I saw were human tracks, and they were bloody, the blood black in the moonlight.

Then I heard a whisper, a word I do not know—‘te’héyn...’—and it felt like a blow and a caress at the same time."

—Embers, excerpt (Author: Athena Andreadis; Artist: Kathryn Stella)